Awkward Clothing Company was created in 2010 and officially formed in 2016.  The vision of the brand is to encourage those who feel they do not fit in with “society’s standards”, to find their self-identity and channel their inner success to achieve their dreams. Our goal is to change the way society perceives the word “Awkward”.  Today the word Awkward is used to describe something or someone that is unwanted, a misfit, or an embarrassment. As a brand we will strive to change the perception of the word into something that is powerful, courageous, uplifting, unique, and successful. Awkward Clothing Company will incorporate being different and standing out in your surroundings to offset the stigma of being “awkward”. We are the future leaders of the world and together we can build a community that embraces “awkwardness” and motivates each other to go after our goals. 







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