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Meet DJ Sunkisst

Meet Jared Petit AKA DJ Sunkisst

DJ Sunkisst is a DJ currently residing in Killeen, Texas. If you're a Killeen native you're probably familiar with the moniker if you've attended a local event or happened to stumble across his amazing mixes on your Instagram page. I had the pleasure of meeting DJ Sunkisst through a mutual friend and worked along side him during the local networking event "The Plug" where he was the featured DJ. I have also had the pleasure of working along side DJ Sunkisst for my Sofar Sounds gig in Austin, TX. After getting to know Jared AKA DJ Sunkisst, I was truly inspired by his tenacity and resilience as an entrepreneur. I instantly knew I had to share the feeling of inspiration I experienced through working with DJ Sunkisst and asked him to be our next Awkward Spotlight. I feel his journey will encourage those who feel Awkward to find the confidence to chase their dreams and passions. Meet DJ Sunkisst.

1. Who is Jared aka DJ Sunkisst? (In his own words) I’d describe myself as a entrepreneurial spirit and I’ve always had that since being a kid. Starting out in middle school with cutting grass, getting my roots there (no pun intended)." We both share a laugh. Jared goes on to mention how cutting grass is where he began getting into being an entrepreneur and being excited about business and trying to get into what he wants to do in life. This is where he found DJing and where he grew to become DJ Sunkisst.

2. When you look in the mirror, what do YOU see when YOU see Jared? “Someone who’s humble, kind, and charismatic” As he thinks of what to say he pauses to take a look in the mirror. We discuss briefly how we rarely stop to look at our self in the mirror and see our self.

3. What makes your Awkward (Unique)?

“I am just some times a socially awkward dude, sometimes in conversations I’m just Awkward”. I asked Jared what he thinks makes him stand out from everyone else. “I stand back a little bit in social settings, I kind of observe and then I go into it. I used to be even more awkward, but over the years DJing has helped me step out of that shell I was in where I would not want to be the forefront in places, but now I’m more open to it and being able to talk to crowds. That was a big one for me. When I started out trying to talk on the microphone for the first time, I had to really get over that feeling. I remember sounding super awkward every time and trying to find my confidence. Eventually over the years I found [my confidence]. I looked at myself and said “you know what, this is what I’m meant to do, I can do this, I might sound silly, I might sound Awkward, but that’s part of who I am. That’s always going to come out, that’s always going to show because that’s my personality.” DJ Sunkisst also mentioned how he considered himself an introvert.

4. Now that we know what makes you Awkward…What would you say was your Awkward Moment (The moment you knew you were different from your surroundings)?

“First thing that comes to my mind, is early beginnings of my DJ journey. I started a music club at Ellison High School with a friend of mine named Samuel; he goes by Flrnce, and also with Laydron. We started the club sophomore year. I remember they had a club fair and we all showed up and crammed in this one room to prepare an hour before. We found out about it last minute, so we're all in this room trying to practice. We went to the auditorium, we had a little speaker, and we were playing all this weird EDM music at max volume. We were the only people playing music in this sea of other clubs there. You had the book clubs and all these other clubs that were quiet and chill. Some of us even got on tables, I think I was guilty of that too. We all got on tables and were dancing, it was cool because we were turning heads. That made me look like “wow I can do this”. I wasn’t doing any DJing but I knew I stood out there with how different that moment was, us in that corner with the music. DJ Sunkisst mentions how that moment gave him that confidence he needed. Another Awkward moment was at Ellison’s pre extravaganza. DJ Sunkisst had the opportunity to DJ at the event. He mentioned how a lot of his peers first discovered his DJ talent while DJing the event in the schools commons area. That was a stand out moment for him and the revealing of DJ Sunkisst.

5. What are 3 goals you are achieving or plan to achieve in the next 5 years?

1. Buy a House (Duplex) as an investment. Move out of parents house. DJ Sunkisst mentions he's currently learning the real estate investment business.

2. Move out of Killeen to a city where there is a bigger demand for DJ’s.

3. Go on Tour w/ Jack Harlow

6. What other advice do you have for others that feel like they do not fit in with today’s society?

- Don’t worry about trying to fit in - Be Yourself, don’t try to fit into a box or mold - Live to be who you want to be!

7. How can other creatives inspiring to self start their own businesses or get into DJing get in touch with you? Instagram DM’s - @DjSunkisst

You can also reach out to DJ Sunkisst to book your next event/gig at

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Written by: Keedra Kendall, Awkward Society CEO

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